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 A new side to the war.

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A new side to the war. Left_bar_bleue60/100A new side to the war. Empty_bar_bleue  (60/100)
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A new side to the war. Empty
PostSubject: A new side to the war.   A new side to the war. Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2007 1:45 am

I have been told to inform you all...
That there is a new side to this war.
Who are they? only a select few know.
What do they fight for? equality
Who is there leader? Someone very unexpected.
And who is a member of 'The Alliance?

Only select people can join 'The Alliance' at this point. If you want to hear more about joining, if you don't think the order or the Death Eaters are the path for you either leave a comment here or pm me (Harriate-L-Riddle) and i shall pass the information along to the leader of'The Alliance'
So stand up and be counted. Learn what they can teach you and take your place in this war. Don't fight for blood, don't fight for 'the greater good'. Fight for yourselfs, fight for your family, fight for the equality of all your friends and all the people in this world.
Combine everything to survive. to live.
Learn to be the real you. Make the most out of life.


till then should you be lonely
just think of me
and well never be really apart
you might think im pretending
but i know youll be spending
the day after tomorrow in my heart

Harriate and pandora= SITE WATCH WOLF
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A new side to the war.
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