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 The Queen of Death and Despair

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Jasmine Granger

Jasmine Granger

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Name: Jasmine Elizabeth Granger
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PostSubject: The Queen of Death and Despair   The Queen of Death and Despair Icon_minitimeThu Nov 29, 2007 2:41 am

After the third full moon ended, Jasmine left the Wolf Demon Temple and apparated to London. She walked down the empty streets with one thought going through her mind. Draco. Jasmine didn't know how she was going to protect him from Marcius and Fenrir now. After the fight that she and Remus had with them, they were bound to go after Draco now. It seemed like everyone that Jasmine loved and cared about died or disappeared. First her younger brother and her parents deaths that still haunt her, then Hermione no longer talking to her, and then never seeing or talking to Draco for long periods of time. Jasmine sat down on a bench thinking about how to get rid of Fenrir and Marcius. She still didn't know how yet.

Love Works in Mysterious Ways

The Queen of Death and Despair Th1147336984_gAnimeGirl-1Jasmine Granger

The Queen of Death and Despair Draco____by_kaye Draco Malfoy
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The Queen of Death and Despair
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