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 it begins

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marcius lestrange

marcius lestrange

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Name: marcius lestrange
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PostSubject: it begins   it begins Icon_minitimeWed Nov 14, 2007 11:11 pm

in an old country house in devon a shadow glided down the corridors darkening the sunlit walls. as the shadow neared the end of the corridor where it was lit not be sun light but by an old stye oil lamp the shadow was revealed to be a man draped in a balck cape.
after the man had visually studied the entrance hall that he now stood in he went to one knee and puled back his black hood revealing a young slim but scarred face. the man put his nose to the floor drinking in the scent. after a few more seconds the man looked up and an evil grin spread across his face as he softly growled "the hunt is over, the smell of fear that you provide is trackable for miles" the marciys removed his claok to reveal a muscular torso and charged into the door to his right shouting "NOW I FEED".
as the door closed behind him a tearing could be heard mingled with the sound of agonised screaming.

cut me once i will bleed
cut me twice you will bleed
cut me 3 times and i will feed
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it begins
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