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 Lavender's house

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Lavender Brown

Lavender Brown

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Name: Lavender Brown
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PostSubject: Lavender's house   Lavender's house Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 4:51 pm

Lavender walked in her house smelling the usaull smell of her mum's perfume. She looked in the livingroom and saw no one there so she decided to look about. Eventually she gave up thinking that her parents were at work so she went upstairs to her bedroom and sorted out some things.

She was seriously board by the time she had finished sorting some things out and was hoping for her mum and dad to come back home but it looked like that wasn't going to happen for another hour as it was only Quater to Five. She woundered down the stairs thinking what she could do but the only thing that came to her mind was to go for a little walk. So she went back upstairs to get a cardigen from her wardrobe. She then came back downstairs, grab her set of house keys, then locked the door and set off for a walk.
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Lavender's house
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