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 A Walk In The Moonlight

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Jasmine Granger

Jasmine Granger

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Name: Jasmine Elizabeth Granger
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PostSubject: A Walk In The Moonlight   A Walk In The Moonlight Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2007 2:14 am

After leaving Cody's house, Jasmine returned to Hogwarts. She didn't feel like going back to the Slytherin Dungeons right now so she just walked out to the lake. The sky was clear and the moon, which was a waning gibbus was very visible. Jasmine never felt so confused in her life. She couldn't stop thinking about both Draco and Cody. It's true that she loved Draco with every bone and fiber in her body but, she also liked Cody. Jasmine walked over to the side of the lake, sat down, took her shoes off and dipped her toes in the water. She looked up at the moon still thinking about the both of them. Both Draco and Cody had been so kind to her, they both listen to her thoughts and feelings, both are overprotective of her, both are there for her when she needed them, both asked to help her when she felt that she needed it, both aren't afraid of her wolf demon form, and both are gentle with her. Jasmine sighed looking at the moon and she said,"I love you Draco, Cody. Please be careful both of you." She ran her toes through the water and stared at the moon deep in her thoughts about Draco and Cody.

Love Works in Mysterious Ways

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A Walk In The Moonlight
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