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Name: Adelphe Sade.
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PostSubject: Pechory!   Pechory! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 27, 2007 6:10 pm

Adelphe peered down the dark lane.
She new a griffin would be ariving at any minute to take to her hometown in Russia.
Luckily the whole of Pechory was heavily guarded by Dragons and dark magic, so she knew she would not be caught.

After hours of waiting, the griffin finally arrived.
She jumped on the back of the feathered creature.
She cried.
The monstrosity flew up into the air swooping over forests and seas.

After a long flight, the creature dipped down and landed with a thud.
Adelphe was thrown to the floor, but was still concious.
"Ow.." she mumbled.

She stood up and looked round at the many hooded figures that she knew.
She made her way down the dark alleys, and bay root streets, turning on several shap corners.

But as she was about to stop and talk to an old friend, she looked up, and saw a moat, stranding a Tall, ancient, building. A sign pointing to it said 'Sade Manor, Beware Entry'.

She laughed at the sign for good times sake, and jumped on a boat, that sailed her across the deep, infested moat.
Adelphe peered down into the non-shallow waters, and with a slight glimpse, she was sure she saw a basilisk.
"No way.."

As the boat reached the shore, she stumbled out and followed the graved path.

As she reached the door, it opened itself. She entered with a bang. She looked at the water stained ceiling, and the aged wallpaper and said to herself.
"I'm Home.."
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